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August 2014

All those days of troops and tanks … and men in ranks, have passed like clouds chasing the sun to the west - let’s join these guys for a beer and consider our shared history.  Just who were those men who so deeply wore down the steps to each barracks building?

Here’s What’s New at Eaglehorse:

  • We say good bye to Schweinfurt as the last US troops depart and both Conn and Ledward Barracks are returned to German control.  Schweinfurt and Kissingen were linked in many ways, I tried to bring some of it together  - check out So Long - Schweinfurt.

  • Remember the Sherman tank that sat in front of the 2/14 ACR and then Eaglehorse Squadron HQ for years?  We had it tracked down for a while and then … well it just disappeared and turned up at Rhine Main and then, gone again.  It took a while but the lost is found, the Property Book Officer can calm down and the prodigal tank is returned, Find That Tank.

  • The major research project for this writing increment was to uncover the history of Bad Kissingen, the near border areas and the Army in the immediate post World War II period.  I hope at least a few of you choose to recall The Army of Occupation in Bad Kissingen.

  • We are much less long winded when it comes to the XII Tac Air Command and their stay in BK - but hey … check out the only American fighter pilot combat “ ace “ with ties to the city, XII Tac allow you to meet a genuine American hero.

  • The 14th Armored Cavalry Yearbook published in 1955 offered only a brief description of each squadron.  With so little to work with, we managed to find out a few new facts.  Did someone say, The Birth of the How?

  • And so we claw along to the 1960s; tensions were high on the border and elsewhere in Germany in 1961. BG ( ret ) Albin Irzyk, Commander of the 14th ACR at the time plus retired Colonels Ray Teel and Curt Rosler, who were members of the 2/14 ACR during this same period, recall those most dangerous days of August and the Berlin Crisis of 1961.

  • The Blackhorse Museum at Fort Irwin provided a couple of scraps of information related to force development in the 1980s as reported in the Blackhorse Newspaper. Tanks in the 1980s stitches the first hand reports together.  Wish this was better but …

  • There is a great new site recalling the story of the Blackhorse in Kuwait and the fire and explosions at Doha.  Here is the link: http://dohadash.org/accident.html

  • LTC ( ret ) Harry Owens, Eaglehorse S1 in the late 1970s and then Regimental S1 some years later provided a great selection of his photos from his time in Kissingen.   That album is here.

  • We regret the passing in Germany of a great friend of all Americans with links to Daley Barracks and the cavalry, Helmut Schwarzaugl is recently deceased.  Check out the Memoriam page for details.

  • You can also keep up with the many activities of members of the Blackhorse Association by checking their information flow found here.

  • We hardly have the market cornered on things related to the history of the cavalry and American troops at Kissingen - there is ever more content showing up on social media and this is your single best source for trying to locate troopers you may have lost contact with.  If you are somewhat ill at ease with Facebook and similar - just carefully watch each step of the “ join “ sequence and set you personal security level at the higher levels - at least at the beginning.

  • On the technical front, Randy has a new page format device that creates an on line magazine appearance - easy to format, holds the reader eye and fully integrates photo images to text.  You can see some of the work in the most recent Hidden Stories and he will retrofit previous work as time and circumstance permit.  Also, the web site may be down for a day of two next month as the entire content is migrated to a new server.  Hopefully, this will both lower presentations costs and increase bandwidth which in turn allows for more and larger images, better graphic content and facilitate faster page response times.


Look for our next update near the end of October and bottoms up, Prosit!!


Summer 2014

Mid Summer and that means three things, beer, baseball and getting caught up on light reading.  Can’t help you on the first two but whether you’re sitting at an airport waiting for that connecting flight, stewarding grand kids at the pool or drifting on the Internet and hoping the boss isn’t monitoring your key strokes - here is some reading to pass the time.  And I swear, the FRAGO said CP 24 at 22.00 hrs on the 23rd … or was it CP 22 at 24.00 hrs on the …

Look for our So Long to Schweinfurt special update the final week of August


Here’s Something:

Can you believe that it has been 25 years since the last patrol along the trace?  On April 24, 2015 there will be a celebration of this event at OP Alpha near Fulda.  Glenn Snodgrass of the Blackhorse Association has sent the following message:

"I just wanted to make sure that each of you knows about the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Last Patrol along the former East-West German border. The OP Alpha Foundation, along with the US Consulate in Frankfurt and the US Forces Liaison Office for Hessen (and Thuringia), will conduct a ceremony to commemorate that event on the 24th of April, 2015, at OP Alpha.


The former 2/11 messhall - 2014 [Steven Parr]

Herr Bausch, the current Point Alpha Foundation leader, has invited the Association to attend. We will invite any member of the Association, whether they served in Germany or not, to attend, and I suspect we will have a good turnout. It will not be an "official" reunion, but it surely will be viewed by many as a mini-reunion of the Border Legion. We are in the early planning stages of doing some other things while there - probably a regimental dinner, for example.  

Our events will be, almost of necessity, in the Fulda and Bad Hersfeld area, but we want to make sure that everyone in the Bad Kissingen area knows about it and is invited to attend."

As Glen passes along further information, we will post it here and to contact Glen directly, let Randy Mitchell know and he will pass along the e mail address.

Manteuffel Barracks column- 2014 [Steven Parr]

This is all new at Eaglehorse:

 In time line order, from the 1940s folder: Camera 1945 has two small sets of soldier photos from 1945.  One features the day - to - day at the small Army airfield just west of Daley Barracks, the other recalls the Army of Occupation around Kissingen on summer days just like these.  And just who were the two mega Hollywood stars who entertained the troops of the 9th Army Air Force in BK at the end of that summer?  Find out here - A Pair of Jokers.  Can’t find a date to take to the show … there never were many female soldiers around BK; you can meet the most significant one and learn a lot about the WACs here - Major Katherine Saint John.

From the early 1950s, when the border was pretty much just a few strands of barbed wire, here is a collection of photos taken by an East Germany border guard in what was basically the southeastern portion of our border responsibility.  They had plenty of time to goof around and a camera to record the action.

Jumping forward to the 1960s, across the street from CavLand - there were always field artillery units - here is a collection of images from one of the battalions that passed through, 2 - 28 FA BK and Alex Sutherland provided a great recollection of being a kid in the Housing Area in the 1970s - Adventures in Bad Kissingen .  Hey!  Remember that time the magazine photographer and reporter were up on the Grenz - here’s the story in Life at the Border .

In the 1980s, we had something to yell about because we finally tracked down the facts on The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on the Border. Getting that story done gave us quite a thirst - in our modern day folder - you can see how 14th  Cavalry troopers from the early 1950s live on through the collectables market.  As long as they say your name - you never fade away - The Faces Behind the Names .

We have made small additions to a number of other stories as new facts are uncovered, you can choose to hunt them down as you wish - also, the M114 and M551 research projects have been moved into the Hidden Story section.

You can check out the In Memoriam section to learn of new troopers encamped at Fiddler‘s.

On the technical side, Randy has completed the reformatting of all pages and it could not look better.  We are using much larger images now on new features and as opportunity allows, will go back and fix the smaller photos that were initially used.  This may include our asking for your assistance in re - scanning images you may have once sent.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

The old message book is closed now - the best way to keep up with names and addresses seems through Social Media, we have a list of the appropriate  Face Book pages containing 11th ACR content - please see the button on top of page.

Looking forward - we will try and be more timely with adding new content, look for something in about 90 days and you can always dial back through previous up date pages to catch up on the information flow.  And I am sure it was CP 21 at 02.00 on the 12th!

Here’s How You Can Help:

There are a lot of areas where we have not even begun to scratch the surface; Eaglehorse actions during Desert Storm, Boeselager Competitions and the move to Wildflecken are three interesting topics for which we have no content.  On the equipment side of things, I’d like to write as detailed a piece as possible on the Improved Tow Vehicle, M901.  The 2/11 ACR had them in the early and mid 1980s and if you were a crewman, Platoon Sergeant or Platoon Leader with first hand experience give us a shout.

It is over twenty years since Daley Barracks closed, your recollections do no good unshared.

Hophenoe Church - Grafenwoehr Training Area - 1980s



First Sergeants

An excellent book written by CSM (Ret) Richard E. Morgan (one of our own - First Sergeant in Golf Troop).

"The First Sergeants" follows the experiences of how a special breed of 1980's peacetime NCOs and First Sergeants of the U.S. Army endured physically and mentally exhausting field exercises. These frequent field exercises were born by a unique class of U. S. Army warrior known as "Cavalry." Morgan is meticulous and spells out in fascinating detail the grueling field ops and maneuvers, the demanding selection processes, and the high-level technical training involved in keeping a peacetime front-line army on the cutting edge of the operations of the art of war. Morgan's extensive knowledge and understanding of what a First Sergeant must accomplish on a day-to-day basis is absolutely stunning and his ability to share that knowledge with the reader is truly enlightening. From the simulated battle problems that test everything to the smallest detail of handling junior enlisted personal issues, this book chronicles in great detail an important part of the career of an exemplary professional senior NCO of the Army.



December 2012 Update


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Check out these great souvenirs from the 14th Cavalry in Germany in the 1950s. The Christmas menu is from Daley Barracks, looks like a fine spread. The Christmas card is sourced from Regiment – I really like that stein!  Here’s hoping that everyone has a great holiday – insert standard joke about 1/2 day schedules ( here ).

What’s New at Eaglehorse.org

In this update, we have added three new Hidden Stories, all related to the 1980s. CWO ( Ret ) Rick Laws helped out greatly with two recollections, one discusses joint training with French and German units in Partnership Training and then a second submission is a very nice article that he sent to EurArmy Magazine .  CSM ( Ret ) Richard E Morgan invited us to go riding on the border, who knew he meant with horses! This got us to considering all things equine, the Blackhorse and the border. Mount up at The First and the Last . Finally – two recycled stories, The Santa Cav is in keeping with the season and is a nice holiday touch and finally, Mission to Mellrichstadta story of how a few committed people can do a world of good.  Open a seasonal beer and lets get on with some of that memory lane stuff.

New trooper submitted photo albums! Rick Laws contributed two, one includes lots of nice Sheridan and beret stuff from the mid 1970s and a second is a wonderful collection of border barrier images. Colonel ( Ret ) Bruce Clarke, Eaglehorse SCO in the mid 1980s contributed images from his souvenir album.

Moving to the more recent past, we get the last of our Germany reunion images posted – check out some pix sent in by LTC ( Ret ) Lawrence Martin. These are our only images from the first reunion in Bad Kissingen.

Finally – we have added an in Memoriam Page to call attention to those troopers who have moved to to Fiddler’s Green. We regret the passing of COL ( Ret ) Jack Tartella, Eaglehorse S2 and HHT Commander in the late 1970s thru early 1980s. We will respectfully add the names and information related to troopers you may have kept up with – please see the submission guidelines.

For those of you with an interest in the German combat units who were stationed at Daley / Manteuffel Kaserne during World War II, we have added a great photo album detailing the Kradschutzen Battalion 2 ( motorcycle battalion 2, part of the 2nd Panzer Division ) and the fighting in Poland in 1939 and France, the following year.  Go Here.

And remember, you can always dial back thru recent updates in case you might have missed the flow - here.

On the Technical Front – Randy has pretty much finished off reformatting pages and closing out the old data base. We still have some odds and ends but this is a great step forward and was very time consuming – tip of the beret to Randy for all that work. He has also cleaned up the Guest Book and there may be more changes in that area in the following months.

How you can help -

As usual, we need your images and stories.  Get those pix out of the attic, and either scan and send or contact the Webmaster  and he will gladly scan and return your original media.  You never know when that one photo you have that was nothing more than “ day to day “ duty might have a special significance to another site visitor.  Same is true for your recollections of special events at BK, Daley or the border.  If you do not want to send along a finished piece, just send in the notes and a way for us to contact you.  This is particularly true for content post 1980.

Next Update -

Look for our next update in about ninety days.  Hope to add at least one new Trooper photo album and then a major research piece recalling the Constabulary units at Hersfeld, Fulda and Kissingen in the late 1940s plus, why do those 14th Cav guys keep wandering into East Germany?  Hey – does anyone remember tank gunnery – if not, we’ll see what we can do; and high adventure by Fladungen and just who was that Lagoy guy?

Robert Stefanowicz / Randy Mitchell

December 16, 2012


November 2012 Update

Here’s hoping that everyone enjoys Thanksgiving and check out the 1949 14th Cavalry commemorative menu if you are drawing a blank in your own holiday planning. Interestingly, one of the wonderful traditions of the Army that has by and large faded away, was the distribution of Christmas and Thanksgiving souvenir menus. Given to the troops at the mess hall as part of the holiday meal, many times the menus also included copies of the unit personnel roster listing each trooper’s home town. The intention was to give the men a way to keep up with old friends long after their Germany tour was complete. I guess in the modern day, Facebook takes on this role.


Click on the thumbnail to view the full-sized picture




This month, the Eaglehorse web site marks its ten year anniversary on the Internet. Thanks to everyone who helped by allowing us to use your photos or stories.

Hey!  Check out these great modern day look – down images of the various Blackhorse border camps and OPs.  Interesting to see that the 3/11 camps are now gone, they hung around in their desolate -  disrepair for some time after return to German control.  If you drill down deep on the Wollbach image, you can see the crescent shaped Camp Lee sign still stored on the roof of the old motor shop building. 

http://mihalko-family.com/11th ACR.htm

New at Eaglehorse.org:

  • Two new Hidden Stories, Stuck in the 1970s recalls the week that H Company battled mud, the cold and the dreaded thrown track to win Regimental honors. The story also introduces two of the Squadron’s more famous alumni. The second story investigates how the New York Times twice reported at length on the 14th / 11th ACR in Germany. See how your recollections match up against what the reporters found in Combat Readiness in the 1970s. Guess I must have been watching way too many Charlie’s Angles re-runs while putting those articles together.

  • On the technical front, Randy has done great work in reconstituting the trooper donated photo albums. As of this update, he is about 2/3 rds done and we should have all of the images free of the old data base by next month. Check the album out here. Randy has also continued reformatting pages at the site, this and other internal projects will be on going for some time. Here is an example of a reformatted page.

How you can help:

As usual, we need your images and stories. Get those pix out of the attic, and either scan and send or contact the Webmaster and he will gladly scan and return your original media. You never know when that one photo you have that was nothing more than “ day to day “ duty might have a special significance to another site visitor. Same is true for your recollections of special events at BK, Daley or the border. If you do not want to send along a finished piece, just send in the notes and a way for us to contact you. This is particularly true for content post 1980.

What’s Coming in 30 Days:

For our Christmas update, we look to add one or two new Hidden Stories, at least one new photo album and continued progress on improving the architecture of the web site.

Hey! Pass the site along to others in your e mail contact list.


October 2012 Update

Well … the last thing I remember, we were at the Fest tent drinking beer and singing songs.  Someone said that they were serving Apfel Korn at the back … and then I woke up with this splitting headache … where did all the time go and where did I get that tattoo?

Here’s what’s new at Eaglehorse.org

Six new Hidden Stories and one refreshed story, that’s right just count them up!  The 9th US Air Force is everywhere and doing all sorts of things in BK, just Look to the Sky.  Come on, let’s get in the car and head north, you might say there’s a Mission to Mellrichstadt.  But before we go,  Who is that NCO with all the medals - I heard it’s Wilburn  K. Ross - Silent American Hero .  Here’s a quick read for the journey, check out Fragments , the story has been updated and someone grab Radar Sam , he’s always fun on these trips.  Ok then, almost there.  Did anyone notice that Silent Man on the Distant Hill?  What - we left the wives behind, that will never do, after all, when we first met, it was Love in the Time of GAKS.

On the technical side of things, the website is slowly being overhauled by Randy.  There have been a lot of advances in site structure and he is dragging us kicking and screaming into 2012.  The old foto data base is going away, most of those images are being brought forward as contributed albums. Check it out - he is about 1/3 done.  Also, a lot of individual pages are being reformatted, we are moving to larger text and larger images when possible, this supports both newer, larger monitors and older eyes.  The Guest Book has been cleaned up again, an ongoing process and in the next few months, what you currently see will become archived and a new guest book will be initiated. The 11th ACR Germany Reunions now have their own folder for both images and as a central go - to page for future information.  This is still under construction but will be done by the next update.  Currently, there are no plans underway for the next Reunion.  There is a great deal of New Media activity, Facebook and You Tube for starters.  We are going to try and capture at least some of the links.   And yes, once again our list of e mail addresses is sadly out of date.  Send your email address to webmaster@eaglehorse.org  to update your address; we promise to only sell the list to trusted business associates.


Some recent shots from Google Maps
[Click on the thumbnail to view the full-sized picture]

  Picture   Picture   Picture  
  Main Post   The Track Park   The LDA  

And all of this is just for starters.

News from around the old hunting ground - the border camp is still there although why is beyond me.  Everything you recall is newer, bigger, we can argue the extent of the - better - ain’t no sleepy countryside anymore.

How you can help

As usual, we need your images and stories.  Get those pix out of the attic, and either scan and send or contact the Webmaster  and he will gladly scan and return your original media.  You never know when that one photo you have that was nothing more than “ day to day “ duty might have a special significance to another site visitor.  Same is true for your recollections of special events at BK, Daley or the border.  If you do not want to send along a finished piece, just send in the notes and a way for us to contact you.  This is particularly true for content post 1980.

What’s Coming in 45 Days

Two or three new Hidden Stories, further progress on the technical front and maybe even some things to think about for Christmas.

Special thanks to -

Main Post in Germany for the pix, Stearns County, MN Historical Society for much information and pix , Erwin Ritter and Heinz Dorsmann and especially Nancy Clements for the use of the opening chapters of her novel. 

See ‘ya around Thanksgiving!


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